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Dynamic Website Compressor  codecanyon.net

2014-12-18 15:03:44 in Scripts by Abhimanyu Sharma

  • Minify HTML source code
  • Single line HTML Output
  • Minify inline CSS
  • Minify inline JavaScript
  • Dynamic inline-JS cache on the fly
  • Cache will auto update on change
  • Minimize payload size
  • JavaScript safe compression
  • Protection For pre-tags
  • Protection For textareas
  • Can Escape some parts from getting compressed
  • No Coding Knowledge Required
  • No Modification Of Any Type Required
  • Easy To Use
  • Works with any PHP script Or Template engine
  • Ready to use for Blogs – Static Websites – Dynamic Websites
  • Improve Site Loading Time
  • Improve SEO
  • Remove HTML comments.
  • Debug on the fly
  • Do not modify your actual code they are left as it is on your server
  • Compress Wordpress + Joomla + Drupal + Open Cart + Magento Or any site from any framework
  • Free Life-Time Updates
  • Free Support From Developer
  • Refer back to your original source code by disabling it
  • No modification in your server files ( template files )


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